Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's a new season to be Sandbagging!

Well just when you thought this site was dead, we're back for another season of sandbagging call outs. Many of you disagree with the point of this blog, and rightfully so. You just don't want to be called a sandbagger, when deep down inside, you know it's true. We feel that this blog is a service to the cycling community by saying what people are afraid of saying, by calling out people who need to be called out, and making people realize the crimes to cycling they are doing.

First, I'd like to congratulate my favorite person, Joe Hall! He upgraded to a Cat 2 and has done pretty well. In fact, he's left his sandbagger shame behind and left his Columbus team for a team in Cincinnati! Next time you see him, congratulate him from moving out of the sandbagging ranks.

Now I need to backtrack a little bit into road season. Mr. Mark "The Half Italian Stallion" D'Anniballe! He has been off the bike for a few years but decided to make a comeback. But instead of doing it the right way, he's done it the sandbagging way. He is a Road Cat 3, but he has been purchasing One-Day Licenses so he can race 4/5 races. What a freaking sandbagger. In fact, he's won a few races in his Cat 3 on a One-Day sandbagging status.

Now on to the more pertinent stuff, Cyclocross! The first sandbagger I'm going to highlight has been tracked a little bit earlier into the Short Track season.

***Drum Roll Please***

Mr. Nathan Fields!

Mr. Fields double podiumed (Cat 2/3 and 1/2/3), and in fact, won both races of the Cap City Short Track Finale. Now moving on to cyclocross season, He has a win and 2x 3rd places in the 4/5 races and an 8th and 10th (and 24th) in the 3/4's. Doing two cyclocross races in one day is pretty hard, so I would bet Mr. Fields would have done better if he stuck with the correct category.

Next up is Mr. Aidan Seufert. I had trouble decided if Mr. Seufert or Mr. Fields should come one or two, but in the end since Mr. Fields sandbagged in the Short Track series, I let him have the honors.

Now Mr. Seufert pulled off a 3rd place at Summit Vision in Cat 4/5. He did not double up in that race but at Big Run, he climbed up on the 2nd step and in the following 3/4 race, came in 3rd. Now at this point any non-sandbagger would focus their efforts on getting an upgrade and only doing 3/4 races. But at Cap City #3, Mr. Seufert climbed up on the 2nd step in the 4/5 race again! Now we also read on Facebook, Mr. Seufert claiming he has four races to do this weekend! How about you just focus on the appropriate category and do two races (and our apologies if you are planning on racing single speed and 3/4).

Next up is Mr. Vincent Francis. A 5th, 3rd and 5th place puts him on the sandbagging radar and we'll keep an eye on him in the coming weeks.

Now we can't be everywhere and we need your help to help cycling! You can anonymously send us sandbagging reports to Until next time!