Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sandbagger Alert!

Oh no, we have a new sandbagger developing!

Let me direct you to Mr. Michael Clevidence. Mr. Clevidence kicked off the season at Lionhearts CX in the Beginner category and placed second. He then raced the next race, C's, and won.

Fast forward a week and we see Mr. Clevidence at NEOCX Wendy park. Once again racing C's and guess what, he won that race too! Two wins and a second place.


In fact, when I chatted with him, he said many people were yelling at him that he was a sandbagger. When I asked him on his thoughts of upgrading, he blatantly said no and he does not feel like he can be very competitive in the B's/3's.

I check the registration for this week's Gearfest/ John Bryan double header and sure enough he is still registered as a 4. So what are you going to do Mr. Clevidence, just going to keep bullying the true 4's and keep stealing their lunch money?

Unfortunately USA Cycling does not have the 2 wins Auto-upgrade policy for 4 -> 3 upgrade. So the best we can do is to ridicule him as a sandbagger until he upgrades

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