Thursday, June 12, 2014

This Blog is a Public Service!

I hear and read many things that this blog is bad for the sport, the writer should disappear and die, etc. Another thing is people trying to figure out the author of the blog. I have to say I have to disappoint and say that this blog is a collective. It is a collective of everyone's voice, everyone's frustrations, everyone's blood sweat and tears.

This blog points the finger at people that fingers need to be pointed at, calling out those who need to be called out and most importantly, not sugar coating anything.

So upset you made Ohio Sandbagger? Well there are certainly plenty of people upset at you. So do the right thing and UPGRADE! Because we won't stop, we won't stop calling all of you out. Maybe even Corey Green will start reading this blog and take some notes on who he needs to auto upgrade.

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