Thursday, August 7, 2014

Taylor Kruse

I hate to have to call out Taylor, but you know what, you just have to. I'm an equal opportunity sandbagger-caller-outer. I've got to be fair to ALL of you sandbaggers (and yes, your time is coming, you know who I'm talking about.)

The first short track race of the season was last night at a new, old venue. No longer were we racing on the taint pounding, uneven hard pack of Darree fields, we were racing on a slightly better course, Big Run. The course was similar to the cross races of years past, just a little shorter, no road section and the course didn't cross the road (twice) to get the bonus grassy section.

Out of the gate, it was The Taylor, The Kruse Missile Show! Setting a blistering pace, he slowly, I mean quickly, gained time on everyone. He lapped everyone in the Single Speed field and he probably lapped most of everyone else in the race as well. I know the Single Speed category is an "Open" field, but come on, you are simply doing nobody justice.

To even put more salt in everyone's racing wounds, Taylor toed the line again for the Cat 1/2/3 mens race. This obviously was more of his race as he battled up front. He was in 2nd place for a good portion of the race until Doug Caraway turned on the afterburners and caught up to the Kruse Missile. They battled on for the remainder of the race and Doug just nipped Taylor at the finish line.

The winner? The Teenage Dream, who also almost lapped the entire field.


  1. Change the background color, amateur.

  2. Change the background color, dingus.

  3. Where have you been? We need more material, there's alot of Cap City Cx 4/5 sandbagging.