Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Infirmary Mound

The furthest North OVCX race comes to Granville, OH for a combined OVCX and Cap City show down. Overnight rains made the course just right for super fast speeds. Thanks to Kyle and crew for another fabulous race. Also thanks to the folks down in Louisville, KY to make the haul of the drive.

Once again, we have the Cat 3's running the sandbag show. Ray was once again on fire and Matthew Kiel, brother of Ryan Kiel (who I've called out before), took the win. Quite a gap too to the rest of the field. I think it's hard when you are winning out the cat 3 series to move up. You are sitting top 3 in overall but by upgrade points you all should be cat 2's. So what do you do? You don't want to move up cause then you lose your overall spot. I think the promotors should be proactive and say, you top 5 in the points, you are now all racing Elites.

My other favorite sandbagger is Peter Hills, mentioned several times here on this blog. A win and another podium. Also the same can be said with the other two rounding out the podium as they all are top three in the overall points.

How about this, lets get rid of the Cat 3 masters category. Or at least get rid of the 35+ and 45+ and possibly just make a 40+ category. That is what our eastern neighbors do over in West Virginia.

Here's a good video for your enjoyment! Credit to Blake W

Cyclocross at Infirmary Mound CapCityCross/OVCX November 14, 2010 from Blake W on Vimeo.


  1. 1st race in cap city and ovcx. i usually race up in cleveland in the neocx series.

    i raced men's open cat 3 and there was some serious sandbagging by 1st and 2nd place. those weren't cat 3 riders more cat 2. but whatever, they can enjoy they're free socks.

    who moved the log at the bottom of the hill just before the pits??? a run up there would've been awesome...

    we could've raced the whole cat 3 field (open/35+/45+) together and sorted results post-race. the more the merrier.

    well organized event. great to see results posted 20 mins after the race. just wish they put finishing time deltas.

  2. We did away with the log before the pits because we added the singletrack in the woods .I thought 3times off the bike was too many for the short laps,the course is very long but also very fast it takes 20 minutes to walk the course but 6 mins to ride it.we have a hard time finding sponsers for our series so we buy all of our prizes and cover the cash payout it pretty much takes all the entry fees , we did however make some money this year which we will use to buy prizes for next year.Capcity is about racing and having fun our normal races have a $20 entry fee , when we do a ovcx race we follow their guidelines and charge more ,this will benefit everyone this year and next year by helping Capcity to affford the things we need to put on races without the money coming from the promoters and glen Gardner

  3. I cant believe it...you won. The powers that be have now kicked the top 3 people out of Cat 3 Masters 35+ in the OVCX. This is awesome and just what you wanted...now I dont have to get any faster to win! I just have to wait for you to call people out, get them kicked out, and wait for my podium spot...awesome and congratulations OSB!!!!!

  4. So how DOES a person win the series for a category if they get booted up for winning? I thought winning several races WAS THE OBJECTIVE to win one's category for the series? This sandbagging site started out funny and amusing, but now it looks like it has gone too far and has kicked racers up into faster categories they don't really belong. I feel sorry for those racers who have worked so hard to place well and then were punished for it.

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  7. @k and scot h

    i don't think you get what sandbagging is. sandbagging ≠ winning. sandbagging is riding outside of your category. you don't even have to be winning to be sandbagging if there are 2 or 3 riders that pull a 1-2 min gap on the rest of the field. remember a cx course is usually 7-9 mins a lap so that's which means a 'bagger is riding at least 10% faster than the rest of the field. that means on your last lap, a 'bagger is more than halfway around the course as you start it.

    a race should consist of riders of the same age and ability. it should finish as a group (unless it's A's/cat 1 then it's no-holds-barred) with relatively small time deltas. you could win every single race of your series and NOT be a sandbagger as long as your competitors are close at your heels.

    however, i think if you win your series overall championship you should automatically have to move up a cat.

  8. Well said Pete! Unfortunately the truth hurts and what Pete is saying is the truth.

    Unfortunately for Scot, he's defending his teammate Peter Hills

  9. Well, Pete, then by your definition of sandbagging, Nikki is a sandbagger because she is riding way ahead of the group consistently in every race. Where ya going to boot her to? Hahaha! As for that matter, I think a rider can start out at the level of a group and train so well he/she becomes stronger. Thus his/her efforts should pay off by letting them advance in placement in the field and begin winning and continue to win a series. They can cat up the next year.

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  11. Oh I get it Pete, and still think this site is wrong. I never want to be in a race where we "finish as a group" week after week...I can go out on group touring rides and get that done. Thanks though...but I do "get it."

    OSB, please buddy, I know you think you're smart so I'd expect more from you. You JUST NOW figure out that Pete Hills and I are teamates?? Do you really think that's why I am so against to this site? I thought you were a little slow on the uptake, now I know you are. I spend literally HUNDREDS of hours every year working hard for this sport. Not in racing, in helping run one of the largest teams in the midwest, volunteering at races, helping out other teams races, etc. This site is a CANCER in our small community and I want it cut out. Ive watched your stupid project hurt many people...and I dont like it.

    Again, go back to Arizona and spread your disease. And please, dont tell ANYONE you're from America while you're over in Europe...