Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Promotion Cross/KY State Championships

Lexington, Kentucky, stop number 12 in the OVCX tour and also the Kentucky State Championships. Another fine course which was challenging and described by some as very mountain bikey.

Biggest news is my efforts on this website have paid off. My favorite Cat 3 masters races have either moved up on their own accord or been forced to move up by Mitch and the promoter (I'm thinking the latter). The top 3 guys in the Cat 3 35+, Shane Nalley, Peter Hills, and Brian Collier raced the Elite Masters. Shane didn't do too bad either.

Bigger news is the confirmed rumor of the consolidation of the Masters categories. Yes the six Masters mens category's are now going to be two. So no longer are we going to have Elite Masters 35+, Elite Masters 45+, Cat 3 Masters 35+, Cat 3 Masters 45+, Cat 4 Masters 35+ and Cat 4 Masters 45+. Now there will only be a Masters 35+ and Masters 45+. I think this is an excellent move by Mitch. No longer will you have six categories to keep track of and it greatly discourages sandbagging. Now the question is, do you race with Rose, McShane and Messer, or just do your Open 3 or Open 4 race. There is also a move to eliminate Womens 3/4 and Womens 3/4 35+, and simply make it Womens 3 and Womens 4.

There's really not too much else except me beating a dead horse (regarding the 3's), but one guy did stick out.


Scott raced Cat 3 open last week at Infirmary mound and climbed up on the podium in 3rd place. Then at Promotion, he raced 35+ and WON with a sizable lead. I don't know about you, but I call that Grade A Sandbagging.

Anyway I'm off to Belgium to go watch the World Cup this Saturday. I miss my State Championships at John Bryan, but this is an opportunity of a lifetime so I must sadly miss out. If you haven't already go register and support the great race TJ is putting on. Heck, he's done most of the work while he is overseas on DUTY! Wow what a man. Serving our country AND promoting a CX race.


  1. no scott has never won a race before. i don't agree with you on this one. scott is also one of my favorite bike racers in this city though, and he deserves more podium wins before having to upgrade. gotta give this guy a break.

    eliminate the womens 3/4 masters? what? that would be really really dumb.

  2. Have a look over'll notice that the changes you (as a total cyclocross and cycling in general know it all) endorse aren't going over so well...

  3. I said it in another thread, this site of yours is a cancer in our community.

    Do something good with your life. You'll feel better when you look in the mirror every day.

  4. ive been called a cancer too. shut it eric.