Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Over

Now the OVCX has come to a close and it was a fabulous season. A big 180 compared to last season where it was muddy every weekend but we finally got our muddy (and frozen) this past weekend in Indy.

I would like to congratulate all the State champions and OVCX overall winners, sandbagging or not. Even if you are sandbagging, you still have to show up to all the races and also hold off your other sandbagging fellows to win the overall.

A fellow reader sent in this link to me. Read it! It's about upgrading and if you finished Top5, maybe even Top 10 in the overall, it's time to look at upgrading before renewing your license

Now it's time for me to go into a little hibernation until spring. There is nationals going on now, and a few other races here and there like the Kingsport, TN UCI race on January 15th, but the domestic cross season is pretty much over. I'll continue to post things here and there but I'll be back in full force once road season hits. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you), the road season is more segregated than cross. There is a Ohio series and a Indiana-Kentucky series. I'll mostly be covering Ohio races so all you INKY racers are pretty much safe from my wrath unless I get some reporters to help me out (you'll be completely anonymous if you do decide to help me out.)