Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I went into hibernation but calling out sandbaggers during road season is very hard without informants. You are typically racing concurrently with other categories and by the time you are done, you really don't want to chit chat, but rather pack up and go home, bummed out that you were one out of the money.

But before I completely cross over to cross, I do want to point out a few SANDBAGGERS!!

Mr. Joe Hall: If you are a Cat 3 and raced in Ohio, I'm pretty sure you have heard the name. He is consistently in the Top 5 and has not upgraded yet! I am sure he is in the realm of having enough points of upgrading, but not enough for the auto-upgrade. Joe shares the top spot in the USAC Ohio Cat3 crit rankings with Scott Spees (another sandbagger) and the number 2 spot in road racing, just 4 points behind.

Now that Road and Crit season is pretty much over, it is time for cross!!! Cross is much easier to spot sandbaggers IMHO. Though big props to Mitch and the OVCX for making the races a bit more anti-sandbagging and for chip timing. 

So in the coming weeks, who will we see mentioned on this blog??? If you have and info, send me email to Your emails will remain anonymous unless you specify otherwise.

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  1. sandbagging women in the b race today at kings. ARRRRRRRRGH!