Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OVCX #2 Fisherman's Park

Well well, look who won the Cat 3 race at OVCX #2 in Louisville at Fisherman's park. Ryan Kiel! Ryan took a win and second place at Kings Cross. Maybe its time to move up the Elite category. I'm sure you would do fine and steal some prize money from me!

Another name that sticks out to me is Cory Swihart. If I recall correctly, he was racing the Elite Category last year. So what is he doing racing down this year? To take easy money from the hard working cat 3s.

I'm gonna give props to Luke Haley, a phenomenal Junior racer for moving up to racing Elites. He took a win at Kings and did the right thing and moved up. Guess what, he did very well too taking 8th. Keep it up and you'll see yourself on the podium this year. Same goes to Drew Dillman. He moved up to Elites from cat3 last year and has stepped on the podium.

Now its hard for me to call people sandbaggers in the Elite race, but I definitely can call out those just clogging up the race (brought to you by Joe.) Now the four of you who got beat by Nikki Dallaire (phenomenal rider and she did TWO races), you need to go home, train harder and harden the fuck up.

Cap City report coming in a few days. There were some sandbaggers... stay tuned


  1. If you win a (1) race your a sandbagger...unless you're in E-lites...then you're on drugs. Sorry, just the way it is.

  2. Well finally someone agrees with me. Though Adam, you could have lived up to your own words last year

  3. I was JKing. I actually totally disagree. I see absolutely no problem w/ someone accumulating wins/points to go for an overall. I do not think that win = sandbag.