Monday, October 11, 2010


I have witnessed the greatest sandbagging feat of all time...

wait for it...

wait for it...

Katie fucking Compton!

Katie simply dominates all the women who race domestically here in the United States. She simply has no real competition but herself. She sits around for a half lap to a lap and just launches an attack. Then she is gone. She was even riding her B bike all weekend with the heavy SRM and still beat her competition. Whenever she races here, the real race is for second place and it's been that way for 4 years in a row. Maybe if Katerina Nash toed the line, she can give Katie a run for the money.

What do you expect for a World Class athlete though. She should be battling it out with the likes of Vos, van den Brand, Kupfernagel and van Paassen. But I guess you have to make easy money sometimes and she cleaned out the promoters a nice $3339. Not bad for three days of easy training.

But now on a more serious note, what is up with the almost 200 man Cat 2/3 open/masters field!!! The officials complain about how big the field is and how hard it is to score and the guys in the back complain about having very little chance to get to the front (especially on the Saturday course. It was absolute carnage out there.

The field is big enough, if Mitch, Doug, Nick and Joan (yeah the USGP 2/3 field is just as bad) are reading this, maybe its time to split that field up. Make a separate Cat 2 field, make a separate Cat 3 field and maybe even a separate Masters 3 field (or just lump them into 3 Open.) Having a Cat 2 field will let those guys not good enough to mix it up with J Pows and TreeFarm, but too good for the 3 race have a chance to shine. Yeah it sucks to stick around for an extra hour or two, but it will make things a bit easier don't you think?

But what do I know about promoting races, I'm just a guy sitting behind the keyboard and monitor criticizing.

A few other things I noted during this weekend. Don't be that guy that ghost rides the race. Yeah, Glen Gardener jumped in the race without a number or signing a waiver. I hear its punishable for up to 6 month suspension. And Tony, don't get frustrated and throw your bike and helmet cause you slid out on an off camber turn and couldn't catch the Juniors in the Cat 4 race. It's just bike racing. Also finally, don't be the millions of guys that didn't have the correct category on your license and had to try to get day-of upgrades by calling Andys or Kirk. Seems like the people checking licenses were turning away tons of people for incorrect categories. I'm all for anti-sandbagging, but please do it right, gather your results, and submit for an upgrade.

All and all, a great weekend for cyclocross, except with un-cyclocross weather. Excellent announcing by Two Johns Podcast crew, good food all weekend. But I could have done without the dueling drum solos at Harbin Park. Thanks to all the sponsors to make this happen.


  1. Compton's not the only one, the womens 3/4 winner was also a sandbagger! she's technically a cat 2! and she won by over a minute...

  2. For all the crap registration was giving to the Cat4's wanting to race Cat3, this is a slap in the face to all those guys.

    I'll call her out here (and again in a separate post) Leah Halloran! Are we looking at a suspension???

  3. Good point about the Womens' categories. It costs over $100 to get your UCI license only to hope that you are not lapped and pulled early all weekend long. I can understand why some women wouldn't want to make that commitment.

    Hopefully in the future we can separate the rankings and podiums for local Womens' races. Race the 3's and 4's at the same time to have a larger field, but at least have two separate podiums. I would hate to be a beginner woman racing last weekend, it would be a bit demoralizing.

  4. Amen Brother Jimmy. There are more and more women becoming interested in CX and stepping up to race. It would be a shame to make it Women un-friendly. OVCX is bending over backwards to be youth friendly the ladies should receive the same consideration.

  5. The women's category should be 2/3/4 much like the Mens 2/3. It still doesn't make it right that a Cat 2 raced the Cat 3/4 race

  6. How would a 2/3/4 make it any less intimidating for a true beginner woman?

  7. I never said it would. And I never did mention the 3/4 women in my original post either.

    So maybe a combined 2/3/4 race, but score them out separately.

  8. I do agree there should be more cat separation at the big races. Cat 2's are in no mans land; don't want to get lapped by big pros, but have to start 100 people back in a 2/3 field. Dumpster.

  9. I think the big thing is, we have to stop treating these big races, the UCI3 and USGP as standard OVCX races. The fields are too big, its a nightmare to score, someone gets screwed (well someone always will no matter what.)

    Enough people come out to these events anyway, who cares if you don't get OVCX points. More than likely, out-of-towners are going to kick your ass and steal the OVCX points and you end up dropping these scores anyway.

  10. Dude. I had a least a minute lead in the race and flatted my front tubie. You know why I threw my bike and helmet? Because I wanted to win that race so I could upgrade and you could move on and stop writing about me on here.

  11. i would love to see a cat 2 field it is crap that unless you race the masters you have nowhere to go in the big races when your too proud for the b race and too slow for the elites,luckily i am old enough for the masters elite but i still get my ass kicked ,but that is why you go to big races ,so you can see just how bad we all really suck,and go easy on glen he got screwed,you should never be pulled for racing up

  12. Yeah - so here's the question then based on this conversation about separating things out - who is in charge of that OVCX, UCI and/or USGP?

    Is Portland making this work? their scene is huge I hear. Wonder how they get in all their races in one day?

  13. How about starting the cat 3 masters after the elite masters, as there field is not that big. Then the open 3 field wont be quite as big. I was also one of those racing with a cat 4 license in the 3 masters. until last year we only had 1 masters field so I never gave it much thought, the reason I was given for why I couldn't race up was I might cause a crash in there 200 strong mass of humanity...... and I'm sure I did! Free GG!

  14. i would think that would be up to mitch for the uci3 race he and doug d came up with the cat 4 race at 5 oclock thing to keep stuff in order with uci rules , mitch pretty much dictates the ovcx schedule for all events that are in the series,i found that out last year when i was making the infirmary mound schedule,i would rather see the cat twos go with the elite masters than the reg masters with the elites

  15. Never thought about putting Cat 2s with Elite masters.

    Keep the good comments coming. I'll write up a follow up, what to do next year post

  16. Carbon CX Bike: $4000
    Identical Pit Bike: $4000
    Three Sets of Zipp 404s: $3795
    Four sets of challenge Tubular Tires: $740
    Oakleys with lenses for every conceivable condition: $390
    Bitching about $100 for a UCI License; Pricless

  17. Don't hate on the drummers, it's a tradition.

  18. First letter....(This one was sent)



    Sorry to cause you any problems.
    As you know I do not race road and mtb's No one has ever asked for category at the races I have done. Even the usgp at Louisville or the Cinci races last year.

    Does USAcycling send me an updated license or do I have to print off a new paper for each race?

    Thanks again,

    Glen Gardner

    Dear Glen Gardner,

    The following request to change your USCF category has been approved and processed by USA Cycling:
    vtg_glen - 2010-10-09 16:40
    Member: Glen Gardner
    License: Road Racer
    Request to change category from Cat 4 to Cat 3

    Member Explanation/Resume:
    for cyclocross

    Request was approved on 2010-10-13 15:33 by Andys Burns

  19. This is what I just typed to Andys but I decided not to send.
    Why bother.


    So much for the nice kind note I sent you
    I think I will stick with capcitycross
    Much less attitude there.
    I realize I am at fault here. So I can take the UCI 30 day suspension if they want to give me that.
    I also realize why I have always hated road racers.

    Best regards,

    Glen Gardner

    From: Andys Burns []
    Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 8:01 PM
    To: undisclosed-recipients
    Subject: USA Cycling Event Registration

    From: Ohio Cycling Association
    Andys Burns, President

    It appears that there is some confusion occurring at registration for USA Cycling events, particularly cyclocross.

    For all USA Cycling permitted events:
    Proof of license is required at registration.
    The category on your license, or authorization to ride, is the only category that you are allowed to race in.
    A signed release is required for every participant.

    For the state of Ohio:
    All category change requests will be made through the USA Cycling web site.
    No category change requests will be made on the day of event.

    1J2. It is the rider's responsibility to enter a race in the proper class and category [disqualification and 30 day suspension for competing in the wrong class or category].

    The fact that the registrars accepted the incorrect entry will not be taken as an excuse.

  20. This is Cyclocross not Nam, Glen, there are rules

  21. Who's got the scoop? You do!