Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kings Cross Clarification

Ok, I don't have any beef with Chewning. I just called him out since he was the most notable one who stuck in my head. I'll also call out Dan Lach and Ray Smith who were also in that mix. Can't remember who else was in there.

I'll also give props to Josh Johnson (Cat 1/2/3 winner) and Adam Rodkey who moved up to the big boys this year.

Nope I'm not revealing my name. I'll keep it Bike Snob NYC style and keep it anonymous.

The only thing I'm going to tell you is I race with the big boys and suffer like a dog for 1 hour. So I'm not sandbagging


  1. So being in the front makes you a sandbagger? I hope these "sandbaggers" move up to the 1/2/3 field and take your money. Did you think about that one?

  2. can we address the women sandbaggers?

  3. Dude(since you won't reveal your name), I'm racing Open 3's. Didn't you hear John Gatch announce that I'm over 71 y.o.? Stop sandbagging your name and stand behind your comments like a real man! ;-)

  4. And like bikesnob, you will be found out.

    Mr. O'Conner I presume?