Monday, September 20, 2010

Kings Cross Day Two

I wasn't at the second day of Kings cross but I got the scoop from people.

GOOD JOB and Congrats to Michael Chewning for moving up and racing with the big boys. He pulled off a nice 16th place in the Mens 1/2/3.

I will also like to explain some things as well. Some comments have said along the lines of "Well if you are at the front, that makes you a sandbagger?" or "So you get lucky and in the break, you are a sandbagger?"

If we were road racing, this would not really hold true. It's very easy to take a free ride in the break or sit in at the front. This is NOT the case in cross. There is so much more rolling resistance that you can't just go on for a free ride. Plus there is the bike handling aspect of cross. You also are going a lot slower so there is less draft benefit. That said, if you are in the field lapping Cat 3 break in cross, you are still working your ASS off to stay there.

As for the "I hope these "sandbaggers" move up to the 1/2/3 field and take your money. Did you think about that one? " comment, I welcome that. More competition is better. If I get beat and don't make money, I just need to go back and train harder for the next week. We're all not in this to make a living so who gives a Fuck if you don't make money. I spend thousand of dollars each year and hundreds of hours on the bike to go out and race and GET MY ASS KICKED. I go home feeling good about myself that I gave it my all and I turned myself inside out.

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  1. Maybe, Charline Miller, if you are consistant with your sandbagging analysis, you should jump on McShane and Rose for riding Masters Elite instead of riding up in the 1/2/3 Elite division. They always ride away! The reason Mitch has the timing chips is to address the riders who actually sandbag, and, in a scientific manner rather than jumping to conclusions after a single race. Put a sock in it Charline!

  2. Dan, oh such hate on me. Not to worry, McShane and Rose will get their front page sandbagging glory.

    A much larger post will come later today or tomorrow. I have a day job too you know. Can't be doing sandbagging analysis 24/7

  3. It's come to light that I made a mistake about fingering the Ohio Sandbagger as Charlie Miller. Sorry Charlie! I had checked the rider list for Saturday against the Sunday list and Charlie was the only rider who rode Saturday and not Sunday as per the claim of the Ohio Sandbagger. My apologies.