Monday, September 20, 2010

Sandbagger Submissions

A quick update on sending me emails on Sandbagging accusations.

1: Please try to give some explanation. Past results will be nice. I will try to do research on my own, but it would help if you did some leg work for me.

2: I WILL NOT CALL OUT JUNIOR RIDERS. NO EXCEPTIONS! You can send me Junior rider accusations but I will not post them. Please kindly ask them or their parents to consider moving up.

3: If you happen to be the accused, you can send me a rebuttal email. Obviously this won't be an anonymous posting otherwise we won't know who is defending themselves. If you are defending a fellow accused sandbagger, your comments can be either anonymous or with your name. By default it will be anonymous.

4: Lets also praise those people who move up a category either from last year or mid year. There will be a props post every once in a while.

5: Lets keep this somewhat civil. If the submissions or comments get too unruly, I will shut this blog down. We don't need people going to races angry. I will try not to post anything too offensive and I will delete comments which I may deem too insensitive or other commentators deem it so. And please, if I start to get out of line, send me an email to keep me in check.


  1. In your eagerness to kick off the sandbagger callout season you jumped the gun a bit. A quick look at shows Chewning had 7 upgrade points last year and Lach had 6 (10 required to upgrade to 2). So they were both within USA Cycling guidelines by racing 3's this weekend. I'm all for heckling sandbaggers but at least wait until they're breaking the rules next time...

  2. so let me get this straight, you're blogging anonymously. That's the same as sandbagging in my book.

    That makes you a hypocrite.

  3. Worst, most irresponsible website Ive ever seen. This will be great for building cycling culture in the area. Congratulations you dipshit for not thinking this through.

  4. Biggest Sandbagger I have ever seen = Micah Fritzinger.

    He was racing Cat 4's last year in cross and destroying people....not to mention causing people to be pulled.

    This year he is racing Cat 1/2/3 and placing quite well...

  5. Well he's not a sandbagger if he is racing cat 1/2/3s now is he? He may have been a sandbagger last year, but I can't rip on him this year