Friday, September 24, 2010

Rebuttal Friday

To play fair with my readers, I am going to dedicate Fridays to defend yourself or one of your friends who I have called out. Fridays will be the day to redeem yourself before going into the weekend of racing. It would only seem fair to you all.

I would also like to point out that this blog is mainly going to be satire. Many of you have taken and interpreted my writings as written and have been very offended. Yes I know all the protocols and rules regarding upgrading but if this were a cut and dry, to the rules blog, it really wouldn't be funny now would it. It would just be some boring news. I do admit I did take it a bit far a few days ago, but it was simply to stir shit up. I wrongly assumed that it would be so over the top that no one would really believe it. But it really shows that the OVCX community is very tight and supportive of anyone racing. Again I am sorry for my stupidity there. So please, if you are going to continue to read, take my words lightly.

And when the day comes when I reveal my identity, I'll let all you haters get back at me. At a big race, I'll tie myself up on a tree, put a sock in my mouth, sack over my head and become a human pinata. I'll let you all beat me with a baseball bat with no legal consequences (short of death.)

Now lets get to the point and rebuttals.

I called out Ray Smith in a previous post and he quickly emailed me defending himself. If you look back at his results, he actually was racing Cat 4's last year. So definitely he was racing the correct category for the first races of the season. Ray has been racing lots of 100 milers and has definitely has gotten very fast and will be a person to watch out for this season. Again, I was quick to judge, but that is the point of this blog, to stir up controversy. Ray will do well in the 3's or if he so chooses, the 1/2/3's. I hope Ray will come back and start reading this blog again.

An emailer who chooses to remain anonymous, told me that many times people get turned down for their upgrades. Obviously, they have no choice than to remain in their category, rack up a few more wins and reapply for an upgrade. On the flip side, I think upgrade coordinators need to do a better job being proactive about upgrades. Sure the upgrade guy/girl might not do cross, but doesn't mean they need to turn the blind eye.

Another good point is the said rider may have been the bottom of the barrel last year, trained their ass off, and now is ripping legs off of their competitors. To them I raise my glass and say cheers as their hard work has paid off. Now rack up those points and quickly upgrade. Remember 2 wins gives you an auto upgrade (assuming correct field size.) Racing with faster people will only make you faster.


  1. We are having an open house/fund raiser for the Devou Permanent Cyclocross Course on October 2nd starting at 12:30pm. Cyclocross spectacle goes off at 2pm. Festival and Grill Fires up at 3:30pm. Email for more info.

  2. I will only say that striking out as you did after ONE race is just ridiculous. You lashed out at some good people. Let's hope you get over yourself sometime soon and you quit worrying about what everyone else is doing.

  3. Onespeed is total right, we don’t need you calling out good people. Lets instead put the focus on slow people, And you should get over yourself, I cant stand racers that are always thinking about the other riders, after all no ones goes to a race to compare themselves to other riders.

  4. wait isn't that just as bad as me calling out sandbaggers? telling people that you aren't good enough and should go home?

  5. and of course you go to a race to compare yourself with other riders? why else would you go race and compete? Isn't that the whole point of racing?

  6. are you going to call out the obvious women who sand bag?